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Pre-K and Kindergarten

Firefly Joe 
Joe, a self-assured firefly, proudly demonstrates what he can do in this lively little tale that helps children learn about direction while dispelling some of the fears associated with darkness and night.
Written and Illustrated by Dr. Mary Jane Flynn  
32 pages

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Use cardstock - prints 8 per page



¿Cuantos Perros? How Many Dogs?
¿Cuantos Perros? How Many Dogs? is a read-out-loud romp through numbers 1-10 with a pack of playful pooches. From the wraparound cover to the last page, the illustrations of the 55 dogs and one cat are vivid, active and humorous.
Written by Bam Schildkraut
Illustrated by Steven Katz
28 pages

Use cardstock - prints 8 per page

Where Did Birdie Go?(Out of Stock for School Year 2014-15 as of 10/3/2014)
A heart-warming story, of a baby bird who falls out of his nest and the kind family who rescues and returns him to his family.
Written by Michaela Friends
Illustrated by Duane Hoffman
32 pages