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Where Did Birdie Go? Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Where Did Birdie Go?
Lesson 1 - Being Authors
 To facilitate language development.
 To understand the concept of "book".
 To dictate the words to accompany the pictures to the wordless book.
 To retell the story.
 To make predictions.

Activity 1: Looking Over the Pictures
The pictures from the wordless book, Where Did Birdie Go?, enlarged, colored and mounted on poster-board, if possible.

Go through the pictures identifying and naming things, characters and locations.
Make a list of the words with illustrations, to help define the words you use.

Activity 2: Generating the Story
Marker and Paper
Enlargements of each book page glued to poster-board, if possible.

1. Each day have the students dictate another page for you to write for the book.
2. Each day have the students review the story and predict what is going to happen next.
3. At the end of the dictation, when the entire book is written, put the words for each page under its appropriate picture to create a class "big book".
4. You may make a book for each child to take home.
5. For early or non-readers, create a couplet to be used at the end of each page, so that all of the students can “read" the last two lines of each page together. For example: "I'll find my way home today Hooray, Hooray!"

Activity 3: Reviewing the Story
Review the story by having the students tell/read their story to classmates or to students in another class. Students may also make puppets from the characters and play out the story.