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Firefly Joe Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Firefly Joe
Moving To Directions
To improve students' knowledge of opposites, using a motor response.
To learn to follow two-step directions.
To develop language ability by repeating basic sentences, using models generated by the teacher.
To increase students' self esteem.

Activity 1: Moving to and with Music
Simple homemade band instruments (See directions below.)
Large room where the students may move in a circle and use their instruments without disturbing other classes.
A large circle marked on the ground for the students to march around on.
Here are a few examples of household items that can be used to make instruments:
• empty tube-like containers such as frozen juice containers, toilet paper and paper towel tubes, filled with beans and sealed with plastic tops or tape, to be shaken from side to side
• same size plastic tops with a hole punched through each, joined together on a plastic or rubber coated wire which can be held and moved back and forth so tops hit each other and create a sound
• pairs of sticks of various lengths to hit together
• empty coffee containers (large and small) with plastic tops, to be used as drums, beaten with sticks or hands

1. Distribute the homemade instruments to the students. Let them explore the possible ways to use them. Have each student work with the instrument they are given. Then swap instruments so students can experience a variety of instruments. You may also have students use their hands as an instrument by clapping. This is also good for students easily distracted by an instrument.
2. Have the students form a circle. March the class around the room on the marked circle. Go around several times until you are sure that the students understand how they are to march.
3. March around again, adding clapping. Clap out a beat you'd like the students to follow, for example one long clap followed by two short claps. Repeat. Change the rhythm, three claps in rapid succession followed by two longer claps. Repeat. Vary the rhythm.
4. Have students march with their instruments. Clap or tap out a beat as you did previously for the students to follow, this time using their instruments to follow your lead.
5. Do the following activity as an alternative to the above and to review opposites. Ask the students to march and clap with their hands in the circle, then out of the circle. Have them march and clap with their hands near their bodies, then far from their bodies. Continue, using other commands. (If you wish, this activity may be done at a desk or table, without the marching.)