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Not for Sadie Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Not for Sadie
Lesson 3 Skimming and Predicting
 To meet Sadie.
 To focus on the story and to make predictions.
 To improve fine motor skills.
 To learn more about cats.

 Book, Not For Sadie, one per child
 Colored paper, scissors, circle, paper templates, small triangles, and feet templates for the children to trace
 Glue
 Yarn cut into three inch strips, nine per child

1. Have the students sit with you. Tell them that they are going to work as detectives. They will each have a short time to look at the cover of Not For Sadie. After they do this, ask them to turn the book over and tell you everything they can about the cover. Can they tell what this book is about? What kind of animal is on the front cover?

2. Tell the students that they will now have to be super detectives. They have the big job of carefully looking through Not For Sadie. After their time is up, they will close the book. Ask them how many different colors they saw? What numbers did they see? Can they tell what this book is about, just by looking at the pictures?

3. Make Sadies. Making the students' Sadies may be done in one of two ways: the teacher, ahead of time, prepares the parts that make up the little kitten; or the teacher makes templates of the pieces for the children to trace, so that they make their own. The directions that follow are for the latter.
    a) Give each child a piece of colored construction paper, a paper template circle and some glue.
    b) After the students have traced the template of the circle and glued it down then give each child two triangles for the ears, which they will then glue near the top of the circle. Can they guess what they are making yet? Have them look at the cover of the book. Show the children a completed Sadie. Use the two half circles for feet, with two pieces of yarn for legs and a piece of yarn for the tail. Have them color in Sadie's face, adding eyes, nose and mouth. Use the remaining six pieces of yarn for the whiskers.