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The Duck in the Hole Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - The Duck in the Hole
Character Education
 To list consequences of actions (cause and effect).
 To use problem solving skills.

 The Duck in the Hole books
 Pictures of problem situations

1. Using The Duck in the Hole, reread or locate the pictures for each set of cause and effect events. Ask students if Keesha really DID each action or if she THOUGHT about the actions. (Answer: She thought about all but 2 of the cause/effect sets.) Ask the students if it was a good thing for the duck that Keesha thought about the events or if it would have been better for the duck if Keesha had acted out each event. Tell the children that they can think about the effects of their own actions just like Keesha did so that they will not hurt anyone or anything by their actions.
2. Discuss situations where the effects of the students’ actions could hurt someone or something. Sample prompts: What would happen if you threw a ball in the house? What would happen if you eat too much candy? What would happen if you jump off the top of a slide? Do you have to do these things to see what will happen? No, when you thought about the actions, you knew that someone could be hurt.
3. Sometimes, to make sure we do not hurt someone or something, we have to think about different causes and effects before we try to help. That is how Keesha was able to save the duck and that is how you are able to help someone or something. Show the students one of the pictures of problem situations. Have children think of a way they could solve the problem and the effect their solution would have on the person or thing they are trying to help. Find a solution to the problem. Keesha thought and thought until she found an answer to the duck’s problem that would not hurt the duck. This is called “perseverance”. Keesha persevered to solve the duck’s problem.
4. Pass one picture of a problem situation to each group of three to four children. Each group must show “perseverance” by thinking of 3 solutions to the problem. Like Keesha did, they must find ONE solution that will not hurt anyone or anything. Have each group share their solutions with the class.