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A Week at Grandma's Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - A Week at Grandma's

Character Education: Learning to Compromise

CCSS ELA-Literacy RL 1.9 Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.

Objective: To identify a place in the story where the characters need to compromise, and to think about other times when compromising helps people to get along.

Amani’s mother started the week off by suggesting a compromise, when she said to make their book about colors (something Amani likes), and birds (something Grandma likes).  Amani’s mother wanted both of them to be happy making a book together. Even though compromising means having to give something up, a successful compromise has an outcome that makes both people feel like they got something they wanted.

 What is another time that Amani and her Grandmother had to compromise? Place a check next to the sentence that shows a compromise.

______ Amani and her Grandmother both dress up as scarecrows to see a crow.


______ Amani wants to play in a tree, but her Grandmother told her “Look down here. You’ll never see the red bird if you’re hanging in a tree!”

 ______ Amani wants to ride the swings in the playground, but her Grandmother told her to look across the street. 

By Saturday and Sunday, Amani and her Grandmother have learned how to compromise, and are a little bit playful, the way Amani likes, and a little bit serious, the way her Grandmother likes. They are both doing the same things together, at last, when they disguise themselves to watch the black bird and the white bird. Do you think compromising made Amani and her Grandmother happy? Why or why not?