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Rudolph's Nose Knows Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Rudolph's Nose Knows
 To review the story
 To evaluate and improve comprehension of the story
 To better understand Rudolph’s abilities and disabilities
 Rudolph’s Nose Knows books
Discussion questions
1. Review the story of Rudolph with the class. How do they think Rudolph got his name? How are Rudolph the dog and Rudolph the reindeer similar; how are they different? If students are unfamiliar with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, tell them the story and play them a recording of the song.
2. How was Rudolph different from the other dogs in the park? How was he similar? How did Rudolph know the dogs were playing? What senses did he use?
3. What did the other dogs think of Rudolph? How did they treat him? Do you think they treated Rudolph fairly? Why or why not?
4. Do you think Rudolph wanted to play with the other dogs? How do you think he felt when they teased him and wouldn’t play with him?
5. What happened to the baby bird? Why was the mother bird upset?
6. Why didn’t the other dogs want Rudolph to help in the rescue?
7. Why couldn’t each dog get down the hole? Each dog had a special talent. Name them.
8. How did Rudolph know that the baby bird was in the hole? Why was he able to get into the hole?
9. How was Rudolph able to travel without the use of light? Was Rudolph scared? Was he brave?
10. After Rudolph saved the chick, all the dogs were cheering. Rudolph couldn’t hear them, but he seemed to know that they were happy. How do you think he knew this, what senses allowed him to feel the happiness?
11. Do you think the other dogs will continue to tease Rudolph or have they recognized his talent and value as a friend?