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Bustop the Cat and Mrs. Lin Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan Bustop the Cat and Mrs. Lin
Lesson 1 -Chapter I, Mrs. Lin Rides to Town
 To learn how character, setting and mood relate to this story.
 To meet the main character in the story.
 To understand the concept of loneliness.


Teaching the Lesson
Read the title or have a student read the title to the class. Ask the class who they think the story is going to be about. Tell them that the people or animals in a story are called the characters. In the first chapter of Bustop the Cat and Mrs. Lin, the students will meet the main character, Mrs. Lin.
1. Ask the students how they feel when they want to play with someone, but none of their friends are home. Do they feel lonely? Have them describe how it feels to be lonely. Ask them to give you a synonym for lonely, such as sad. Tell them that's how Mrs. Lin feels.
2. Ask students if there is someone in their family, perhaps a grandparent, aunt or uncle, with whom they like to spend time. What kind of relationship do they have with that person? What kinds of things can they learn from this person? Perhaps this person is lonely and would like someone to spend time with them. Each can learn and benefit from the other.
3. After reading the first chapter, ask the students how they feel about the story so far. Do they feel happy, sad, lonely, scared? The story has a certain feeling. This is called the mood of the story. The mood of the story may change as they read on. What is the mood of the story so far?
4. Ask them where the story takes place. Tell them that the place where the story takes place is called the setting. Every story has a setting.
5. Write the words mood, setting and characters on the board or on chart paper and ask the students to give responses for each category for this story. Write their answers under the appropriate headings.