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Kia's Manatee Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Kia's Manatee
 Locate and identify contractions in the story.
 Write the two words that make up a contraction.

 Kia’s Manatee book
 Contractions Worksheets
 Whiteboards, chalkboards, or paper with writing instrument for each child

1. Introduce contractions with cards. Show the students how two words can become one by dropping a letter(s) and placing an apostrophe where the missing letters are.
2. Show word cards from the story as well as other contractions. Have them identify and match the contractions. Multiple copies can be made if you would like to have them work in pairs.
3. Reinforce the concept by having students locate and find the contractions in the story and use the follow-up worksheet to write their answers. They can only use a contraction once even though they show up multiple times in the story (wasn’t, she’d, couldn’t, isn’t, didn’t, let’s) then they can use two others they know.
4. Have students find and record contractions from other books they are reading.