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Nigel Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Nigel
Prediction & Non Verbal Communication
 Identify animals, people and places in the book
 Predict the story line
 Examine dog body language/nonverbal communication

Materials – Nigel, teacher only
Introduce the book, showing the cover and reading the title, Nigel. Ask students who or what they think the story will be about? Does the name alone tell you what will happen in the story? Why or why not?
Explain that you are going to take the students on a picture walk starting with the cover. Students need to look closely at each picture. Explain that you will read the story later, but during this first exposure, students will become familiar with the story by looking at the pictures and contemplating what is happening. Answer some or all of the questions below to determine the story line.
Picture Walk Questions
Page 1: Who does the dog live with? How do you know?
Pages 3-4: How many cats are pictured? Do they get along with the dog?
Pages 7-8: Who is the dog playing with?
Where do you think the dogs are playing?
Where are the dogs’ guardians?
Pages 10-12: Do you think this is the same dog? Why?
Pages 10-14: Describe how the dog looks.
Pages 15-16: How does the dog look now?
Pages 25-26: Where is the dog? What is he doing?
Page 18: Where is the dog going?
Page 31: Who is the dog with? What book is the girl reading?
Page 32: Why is there a photograph at the end of the book?

What animal other than a dog or a cat is pictured on almost every page of the book? Why do you think the illustrator chose to include a bird to look over Nigel?
Next, explain that you are going to go through the book one more time without reading it. This time, look closely at the dog’s body. Can you tell how he is feeling by looking at the pictures? Does the dog look and feel the same throughout the book? Look particularly at the way he stands; look at his tail and ears to see if you can figure out if he is happy or sad? Animals communicate with body language. What is his body language saying?