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Tuesday...A Lucky Day for Luis Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Tuesday...A Lucky Day for Luis
Making Decisions
  •  To gain insight into the process of making decisions
  • To understand all facts before making a choice
  • To enjoy the process of choosing a name


Read Tuesday…A Lucky Day for Luis

Paper for deciding on names of dogs



Teaching the Lesson

Have students find the sentence that illustrates Luis first decision. (His reaction to spotting the green car again and taking a stance to protect himself)

Instruct the students to review how Luis stopped Tuesday. Discuss whether this could be done another way. Describe how Tuesday looked the minute the car sped off.

Have the students read the one-way conversation Luis had with Tuesday. What feelings did Luis have for Tuesday? How did Luis keep Tuesday from running away? Ask the class to list ways they can become a friend to a dog. 

Luis made a decision to call out to Tuesday. We also make decisions every day. Discuss with the class decisions they made this morning: what clothes to wear, cold cereal or a hot meal, who to sit next to on the bus, etc.

Checking Comprehension

Discuss with the class the big decision Tuesday had to make. What were Tuesday’s other options? (Chase after the car, run away) 

How did Luis get the dog to stop? Was the sugar cookie a bribe? Find the sentences that tell how Tuesday looked after his owner sped off and left. What other decision could Luis have made to have Tuesday come toward him?

Have the class list reasons why Luis thought Tuesday was well cared for. Why did Luis tell Tuesday that he had a lot in common with him? What games could they play together?

Luis’ father serves in the United States Army. Can students name the other branches of the military. What makes each branch unique.

Luis chose the name Tuesday for two reasons. What were those reasons?