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Grade 4


Print River Bookmark (Use cardstock - prints 8 per page)

Webster's Coming Home Today
Cooper goes with his mom to pick up his dog, and best friend, Webster. Doubts and fears about Webster send Cooper on a brave adventure to help his pal.
Written by Joanne A. Reisberg
Illustrated by Tim Williams
48 pages

Quequechan: Forgotten River
In this story, the Quequechan River tells the story of its own existence over several centuries. In early times when Native Americans relied on the river’s resources for survival, the river was proud and gleaming. As the industrial revolution developed, the river showed its strength in providing transportation and power. But as time passed, the river became saddened; filled with pollution, overgrown and blocked from the sun. The river had become forgotten and now yearns for someone to care.
Written by Jeanne L. Prevost
Illustrated by Linda Crockett
43 pages

Print Webster Bookmark (Use cardstock - prints 8 per page)