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Strong as a Lion, Light as an Eagle Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Strong as a Lion, Light as an Eagle
The Use of Similes and Metaphors in Strong as a Lion, Light as an Eagle
CCSS ELA-Literacy RL 5.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used
in a text, including figurative language such as metaphors and similes.

There are many similes and metaphors contained in this book, including in the title.
Students should be able to identify examples of each, and develop an understanding of why they
are used.

Copies of Strong as a Lion, Light as an Eagle
Chart paper

Teaching the Lesson
1. Define simile and metaphor, and ask why writers use them in their writing.
2. As students read the story for the second time, have them keep a running list of the similes
and metaphors they encounter in the story. Keep a running list on the board.
3. Discuss why Chief Umfundi chose to describe things this way, instead of being more direct.
Does the imagery used in similes and metaphors help Umfundi’s message be more
4. Journal Prompt: Are these same qualities, of being “strong as a lion” and “light as an eagle”,
important for students like you? How could you show examples of this in your life? What
character trait do you think is most important in your daily life? Can you think of a
comparison you could make between that and something similar, creating a simile or
metaphor of your own?