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Quequechan: Forgotten River Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Quequechan: Forgotten River
The Encroachment of Industrialization (Pages 24 – 33)
 To develop a consciousness about our natural resources
 To realize the impact of industrialization
 To develop historical understanding
 To examine and evaluate the reasons why the river was unappreciated and spoiled

civil authorities

Teaching the Lesson
Prepare for reading by discussing the differences between how we live today and how the native people lived. The disregard for the cleanliness and esthetic value of the river occurred during a time in our history known as the Industrial Revolution. This dramatic change in lifestyle started in America around 1860. Ask the students to think about why the business community and townspeople had no qualms about destroying their city’s river.

How the Story is Told
This part of the story highlights historical events in the late 1800 –1900s. It has one metaphor. Can they find it? (muscles) Historical events are usually related from a human point of view; however this one imagines the river’s point of view. How does this personification affect the reader differently? What is the mood of this section? Which words contribute to the somber mood? List students’ suggestions. (sweating, rubbish, garbage, poisoned, caged, dark, junk, forgetting, hurried, shields, falling, oblivion)

Checking Comprehension
 What is this section mainly about?
 Give one supporting detail for the main idea.
 What are two ways the factories used the river?
 List the ways in which the river was abused.