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Webster's Coming Home Today Sample Pages

Sample Lesson Plan - Webster's Coming Home Today
Reading the Book 

The following are suggested activities to use while teaching the guided reading lessons.

Reading Ideas

A) The teacher should read the first section aloud. This gives the students more information to work with before they start reading on their own. For subsequent sections, the teachers can set up the reading in any of the following ways:

• teacher reads aloud

• silent reading

• paired reading

• small groups, either independently or teacher led

B) "Stump the Teacher" - Have the students formulate questions about what was just read. The answer should be found in the text. Then have the students take turns asking the teacher their questions in the hopes of "stumping the teacher." This process helps them recall, select important concepts, summarize and formulate good questions. Later on in the story, the students can ask each other the questions.