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Grade 6 - 8



Black Beauty
The story about the trials and joys of a gallant horse is an all time animal classic. New American Centennial edition.

Written by Anna Sewell
Retold by Quinn Currie
Illustrated by Donna Ryan
120 pages




The true story of a spirited rabbit who learns how to survive from his wise mother.

Written by Ernest Thompson Seton
Retold by Quinn Currie
Illustrated by Susan Heinonen
42 pages

Animal U
A fable about a group of animals who take over a university and assume human roles, attitudes and behaviors. The only Children's story written by this famous Canadian author.
Written by Robertson Davies
Illustrated by Malcolm Wells
32 pages

Cousin Charlie the Crow
The true story of a young farm boy in 1950's Tennessee who rescues an orphaned baby crow. The family deals with the crow's hilarious antics and his need to return to the wild.

Written by Marshall Houts
Illustrated by Donna Ryan
78 pages