Our Impact

2.4 million books    1.2 million children    50 United States

Since it was incorporated in 1997, Operation Outreach-USA has distributed more than 2.4 million books to 1.2 million children in schools in all fifty states.

Key factors in motivating an emerging reader include: being read to, seeing others enjoy reading, and book ownership.

Lack of reading proficiency among elementary school children, particularly those from low income backgrounds, is at an all-time high. Studies have demonstrated that lack of proficiency in reading at the third grade level is directly linked to high school graduation rates.


This is a crisis situation and without intervention on all fronts—schools, parents and the community, the vicious cycle of undereducated young people, poverty, crime and hopelessness will only continue.


Operation Outreach-USA offers an important piece of the solution with a twist. By giving a child a book with subject matter that interests them, and that is relevant to their lives, we can lock-in the reading habit. And, by giving children books with themes and characters that model positive behavior, we can help shape and build a child’s character so that they not only achieve academically, but achieve in their relationships with other people and the community.
Operation Outreach-USA is proud of the number of children it has been able to reach, but there are so many more that need our help. As school systems and communities throughout the country unfold plans to improve literacy and academic performance, OO-USA is prepared to be there with the tools to help.
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