The Plainfield, New Jersey School District Supervisor of Elementary Language Arts shares her perspective on literacy, "Sharing books, talking about them, and reading them aloud is the greatest harbinger of success for our children in all areas, particularly reading. Again and again, the challenges of poverty notwithstanding, we find the most important indicator of our students’ success in school and beyond is captured in the simple question: Do they read? Through your organization our students have had the opportunity to delve into books. "

Kelly Doktor, 2nd grade teacher at Sullivan Elementary School in Holyoke, MA, sent this wonderful story: "I had to share this story and picture with you after using the Operation Outreach book, Kia's Manatee, last year. A student, who is now in 3rd grade, came to me this week with a purchase she made at a local tag sale. Original price $1.00; she made a deal with the lady for 25 cents. For me, this is priceless. Thinking back to only having 5 of 21 students know what a manatee is, I am happy to have made such an impact." Operation Outreach is thrilled to hear this story. Thanks Kelly!

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your generous gift of books. The students were so excited to receive their own personal books. Not only was this a fun reading adventure, but it gave my students a perfect opportunity to compose their first truly meaningful thank-you letter. Thanks again, and please continue your collaboration with Operation Outreach-USA. It’s a great program that helps make literacy fun.”

First Grade Teacher Lowell Elementary, Milwaukee, WI, Writing to their sponsor, Target, to thank them for their support

“We strongly support Operation Outreach-USA. Providing books for children to take home directly supports our District’s efforts to increase reading levels and instill a love of reading.”

Holyoke Massachusetts School Superintendent, writing to their sponsor, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

“I love Nigel. It is my favorite book. Is the author going to write a sequel?”

Third grader Patterson/Kennedy Elementary, Dayton, OH

“Dear Target, Thank you for the books. I think they are so cool and I promise that I will take care of them.”

Second grader Coral Sunset Elementary, Boca Raton, FL

“On behalf of the Board of Education, the teachers and especially the students, I wish to extend to you the Board’s sincere appreciation.”

Bedford City School District, Bedford , Ohio

“Putting books into the hands and homes of children is essential to creating successful readers. We appreciate what Operation Outreach is doing on behalf of our schools.”

Chief Academic Officer, Worcester Public Schools