Grade 1

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A Week at Grandma's

A bright colorful story about a girl going bird watching with her grandmother. The story is realistic fiction, and features a fun, mischievous young girl that all children will relate to. Learning colors and the days of the week with Grandma turns out to be a surprise adventure for both Amani and her grandmother who end of learning so much more.

Book Review by Clair Ottman (Cherry Valley Memorial Library, Cherry Valley, NY)

This little gem of a book from Operation Outreach-USA Press packs a punch. It covers family, sharing, caring, play, community, the days of the week, bird identification, and color theory all at a 1st to 2nd grade reading level. The pictures are colorful with an urban setting. Any child would love to own a copy of A Week at Grandma’s.

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Rudolph's Nose Knows

This is the fictional story of a blind and deaf dachshund. While the story may be imaginary, Rudolph is a real dog who was rescued by the author of the story. In this book, Rudolph is teased by the other dogs because of his disabilities. Find out what happens when a baby bird falls down a hole.

Written by Marcia Fishman

Illustrated by Steven Katz

40 pages

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The Duck in the Hole

When six–year old Keesha discovers a duck trapped in a hole, she uses her grit, resourcefulness and determination to find just the right way to free it. This is a story that demonstrates how to use problem solving skills in a humorous, yet poignant manner.

Written by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

Illustrated by Lori Kiplinger Pandy

28 pages