Grade 2

Kia's Manatee

Kia's Manatee is the story of Kia, a determined, intelligent and compassionate young girl who finds an injured manatee living in a polluted little bay. Using her knowledge and power of persuasion, Kia enlists the entire community in an environmental operation to clean up the bay, so that the manatee will have a clean place to recover and its family will have a safe place to live.

Written by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

Illustrated by Lori Kiplinger Pandy

36 pages


Nigel is based on a true story of a wonderful black Labrador retriever and his family. Rescued from deplorable conditions of abuse and neglect, Nigel finds a home with a loving family and their four totally different and quirky cats. Nigel loves children and becomes sad and depressed when all of the neighborhood children leave for school each morning. Nigel’s owner has to do something to cheer him up. She comes up with a great idea to have Nigel volunteer at the local library as a “reading buddy”.

Written by Debra K. Duel

Illustrated by Lori Kiplinger Pandy

31 pages

Rudolph's Nose Knows

This is the fictional story of a blind and deaf dachshund. While the story may be imaginary, Rudolph is a real dog who was rescued by the author of the story. In this book, Rudolph is teased by the other dogs because of his disabilities. Find out what happens when a baby bird falls down a hole.

Written by Marcia Fishman

Illustrated by Steven Katz

40 pages


Violet is a bright and colorful story set in the Galápagos Islands. Told entirely from the point of view of the animals that live there, this is the tale of a unique baby bird named Violet. Violet’s mother is a Red-Footed Booby, and Violet’s father is a Blue-Footed Booby. Their baby, Violet, is the first one of her kind, a Purple-Footed Booby, and she displays characteristics of both species. Violet's parents introduce Violet to her relatives, both Red-Foots and Blue-Foots. Will they accept Violet?

Written by Alidis Vicente

Illustrated by Nancy Cote

33 pages