Grade 3

The Coquí and the Iguana

Named as one of the Best Books of the Year 2013 by The Latina Book Club.

A story about a young girl's adventure while on a family vacation in Puerto Rico. The book takes place in La Parguera, a bioluminescent bay. During a nighttime family excursion, she and her native cousin are taken to La Parguera where her cousin tells her a story about a native frog, the coquí­ and an iguana.

Written by Alidas Vicente

Illustrated by Nancy Cote

48 pages

Tuesday...A Lucky Day for Luis

A story about Luis, his empathy with an abandoned dog he names, Tuesday, and his strong desire to provide a place for this homeless dog. With his father serving in the Army overseas, he creates an exciting scenario to convince his mother that Tuesday can guard them at home. Even though his plans with his classmate, Alex, go awry, Luis is convinced the best homeless dog in the entire world has just saved his family.

Written by Joanne A. Reisberg

Illustrated by Nancy Cote

44 pages