Grade 4

Quequechan: Forgotten River

In this story, the Quequechan River tells the story of its own existence over several centuries. In early times when Native Americans relied on the river’s resources for survival, the river was proud and gleaming. As the industrial revolution developed, the river showed its strength in providing transportation and power. But as time passed, the river became saddened; filled with pollution, overgrown and blocked from the sun. The river had become forgotten and now yearns for someone to care.

Written by Jeanne L. Prevost

Illustrated by Linda Crockett

43 pages

Strong as Lion, Light as an Eagle

While visiting Kruger National Park, author Marcia Fishman discovered the wonders and beauty of the South African bush, its people and animals. This inspired her to write Strong as a Lion, Light as an Eagle. This is a tale of leadership, and its necessary attributes of wisdom, strength, and compassion. The great lion, Umfundi, must select one of his twin cubs to take his place as the next Chief of the Land. Will it be Mandla or will it be Taki?

Written by Marcia Fishman

Illustrated by Roberta Collier-Morales

48 pages