¿Cuantos Perros? How Many Dogs?

This book will help children learn to read numbers in English and Spanish and to practice counting using the illustrations in the book. Since dogs are the main subject of the book, it lends itself to generating discussions about dog characteristics, care and behavior.

But, don’t miss the cat that is present in each illustration!

The author’s pen name, “Bam” was coined as a result of her grandson’s inability at a very young age to say “Grandma”, but instead he called her “Bam”.

Written by Deborah "Bam" Schildkraut

Illustrated by Steven Katz

32 pages

Firefly Joe is a delightful, colorful book that helps young children learn about directions and words with opposite meanings. The book tells the story of Joe, a very self-assured firefly who proudly demonstrates what he can do. This lively little tale also helps dispel some of the fears associated with darkness and night by introducing other wonderful insects and animals who are active only at night. Be sure to look for Firefly Joe’s friends in the illustrations.

Written by Mary Jane Flynn

36 pages