Lesson Plans

Operation Outreach-USA provides grade level thematic lesson plans for each classroom teacher.

Lessons are conveniently organized into one manual.

OO-USA lessons allow teachers to combine math, geography, science and social studies activities with language arts lessons.

Included in the lesson plans are Guided Reading Lessons (GRLs) for each book in a particular grade level.

These help teachers integrate OO-USA into their curriculum by introducing reading basics such as:

  • vocabulary development
  • phonics
  • pronunciation
  • spelling.

Various activities including creative writing, art, research projects, discussion and debate allow teachers to check comprehension and focus on character building concepts in the books.

A bound Lesson Plan is included with each teacher's shipment of books!

Lesson Resource Section: Online Only

Our Lesson Resource Guides are only available online. These guides provide valuable extension activities that allow studies on geography, science, math, etc. Additional character-building activities may give teachers the tools to focus on developing empathy, respect, responsibility and self-esteem among students. The links are to PDF files.

Note: these large files will take several seconds to load. Hover at the bottom of screen to get the print icon and navigation bar (bottom right in Google Chrome)

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4